Tuesday, January 6, 2009

++ I'm working on new site ++

I think I'm gonna make a site where I put all the blogs and my other websites together.
It's going to take some time to get things done but I'm sure the new website is going to be good.
Anyways, Happy New Year to anyone who stop by my blog :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anne Frank: a photographic story of a life : Kem Knapp Sawyer

I really can't adjust myself to this kind of weather here now, it's always changing.
Yesterday it was cold and seems like it would get colder today but ya, it turned out to be just hotter. Christmas is coming up. I don't know if my sis is going to do some Christmas tree decorations or not. This year is the first year that I don't get so excited about Christmas.
I'm so busy and to be honest, a lot of things to think/work on. I just hope next year things will be better for me.

Anyways, I'm gonna write about this book, Anne Frank : a photographic story of a life.
I know who Anne Frank is, well, somewhat :S. I know she's famous and her story was sad but I never really got to read the book until last year. I was finding some book to read when I visited home and I found this. I thought it was another boring biography book but yeah, I was too tired to find another book so I read it.

I like it that it doesn't have too much content and the font size is easy to read plus a lot of pictures :) Ok~ I confess I love book that has more picture mainly because I'm too lazy to read.
Back to the book, I feel sorry Anne really, she was too young to die. She had talent and a lot more to offer to this world but to think positive , at least she left her diary which later was published and now it has been published and translated many times. I'm sure she would be very happy to know this.

The book contains her/her family biography, pictures, and some parts of her diary so we get to know more about Anne and what happened during those harsh months.

I know this book is more of a photo/biographic book and not much of fantasy but it did make me aware of my life and my dreams, you should keep holding on to your dreams or goals even though things are so difficult for you.

And yeah, about war aspect, I know war does no good to human race although it is necessary sometimes ( I just don't know why the adults have to make things so difficult they just can't solve problems in friendly ways lol ) . War takes away everything from Anne's world and she lost her beautiful youth and didn't even get a chance to grow up and see her own success. So yep, people! let's keep peace in this world for the children and their beautiful futures lol

I know I gotta change the subject before my blog become politics space lol.
I just want to say that this book is good for children because Anne was also a child too, especially a girl, she would get herself linked to Anne easily and I'm sure it would help them see something in real life from the book.

Monday, December 22, 2008

World eBook Fair Website

I don't know what happened to me but these days I feel like I run out of words to write on my blog.
I have a few books to review on here but when I was about the type I stopped and didn't know where to start. That's why I only posted some news instead.

Maybe I'm just too worried with my English. I think I will just be natural then.

So today I'm going to write about a website then.
I just found the website World eBook Fair a few weeks ago.
This website is a big library online where reader can search for some books to read.
There are many collections of e-books to choose and if you sign up for their individual membership, which is as little as 8.95 usd per year, you can get up to 500,000 e-Books to read!

I tried searching for some books I'm interested like the Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit and yes! I found one teeheee~~ I really wanna read the original version cuz I only have read the translated one.

I think for the old books like the classic ones are probably free to read there but for the best-seller or new ones I guess they might be available for the paid membership. I'm not sure though.

Oh~ I forgot to tell you that the e-books are available in many languages. I found some books there in Hungarian :D

Ok~ and this is the screenshot of the website homepage and the link.

Link : http://worldebookfair.org/

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Namibia: First Youth Theatre Book to Be Launched

Namibia: First Youth Theatre Book to Be Launched

Source : allafrica.com

Windhoek — The first-ever self-written theatre book by the Namibian youth has just been published and will be formally launched early next year, the chairperson of Assitej-Namibia (Organisation of Theatre for Children and Young People), David Ndjavera, announced.

The book is the final product of four years of hard and consistent creative work among the youth by the organisation and contains 14 self-written contemporary plays under the creative guidance of a facilitator.

"The book, 'Namibian Youth Theatre', we consider as our humble, but important contribution towards national and holistic education in our country, an unmatched collective literature achievement in Southern Africa," said a proud Ndjavera.

According to him the 142-page book will be submitted in the new year to NIED for consideration as a set book in secondary schools under the Ministry of Education.

"Due to the unique creative onslaught of the book, we are confident that it will make the ultimate difference in teaching drama and theatre in our schools that have been struggling due to a lack of such material since independence. We, as adults, have grown up in the previous education system without any such material. Today's youth can now enjoy their own creative work on a very high level," he said.

Hundreds of enthusiastic youths at 17 centres around the country collectively took part in the writing process with the financial assistance of the Finnish Embassy in Windhoek.

"This anthology is the result of hard work, dedication and a strong vision for a national youth theatre movement in Namibia by Assitej-Namibia. The book undoubtedly forms the foundation for educational youth theatre in this country," says the former Chargé d'Affaires of the Finnish embassy, Seija Kinni-Huttunen, in a foreword to the book.

In her view the Finnish government and the embassy are proud to be associated with this anthology that was written at a specific time and period in the history of Namibia.


The Magician's Book : A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia

source : SFGate.com

The Magician's Book
: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia

by Laura Miller

In "The Magician's Book," Salon magazine co-founder and New York Times Book Review contributor Laura Miller takes on a surprisingly difficult assignment: dissecting her lingering fascination with all things Narnia.

She examines her continuing love of the C.S. Lewis classic "Chronicles of Narnia" series through a number of lenses: as a young girl, as a nonbeliever, as a literary critic and as a journalist, interviewing fellow "Narnia" lovers such as Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Lethem, combing through Lewis biographies and nonfiction works and even traveling to Lewis' environs in England.

Balancing "Narnia" exposition with new material in this book is not easy. Millions of people have enjoyed the books and (blasphemy!) the movies, but how many adults have picked up "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" since they were in elementary school? Miller manages to provide the right amount of information, but at times, "The Magician's Book" plods frustratingly slowly through the necessary "Narnia" plot summaries and doubles back on itself, repeating observations on Miller's experience as a young girl consumed with the books.

But when Miller hits a fertile bit of ground - her chapters on Lewis' relationship with his family and his long friendship with "Ring"-master J.R.R. Tolkien are especially interesting - her lucid prose and varied reference materials do a fantastic job sketching out the complicated terrain of Lewis' celebrated creation.

One thing is abundantly clear: Miller loves "Narnia." Really, really loves "Narnia." She writes that the best way to explain her reaction to Lewis' stories as a 9-year-old is the moment when the "Wizard of Oz" movie goes from monochrome to color. "If you asked me at the same age why I liked 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' better than, say, 'Little Women' or any other story more like my own, I wouldn't have been able to answer; it seemed crazy to prefer anything else."

Lewis' stories were many things to Miller, but a Christian tract was not one of them. When as a teenager she learned that the story of the lion Aslan and Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie was actually the story of Jesus' resurrection, she immediately disavowed the Chronicles. "When I could no longer kid myself that Narnia actually existed, it remained the province of my imagination where I felt the most free," she writes. Learning about the Christian subtext "ruined even that."

Read more ...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dreams do come true : NSTonline


The lack of storybooks for Arab children prompted an accomplished academician to write beautiful tales depicting Palestinian children living under trying conditions but holding fast to their dreams. MEERA MURUGESAN speaks to author Dr Najla Nusayr Bashour. SHE writes not just to expose Arab children to the joys of reading, but also to help them appreciate their cultural identity.

Arabic children's book writer Dr Najla Nusayr Bashour is a woman on a mission.

A highly accomplished academician who lives and works in Lebanon and is actively involved in programmes for Palestinian refugee children, Najla first started writing after she realised there were a limited number of books, educational board games and other child-centred learning materials in Arabic.

She needed such tools for the refugee children she was assisting but discovered there was a lack of such materials for Arab children in general.

Undeterred, the experienced educationist decided to come up with her own. She set up the Tala Establishment for Educational Aids and Instruments in 1984 to produce educational games and instructional materials for children from Arab cultures.

She eventually took this endeavour one step further by authoring and publishing her first set of books for Arab children in April 1999.

Najla wanted Arab children to have access to reading materials they could relate to, with stories that would help them understand and be proud of their identity and cultural heritage.

To date, she has written five children's book series, with one such set recently translated into both English and Malay and published by the Malaysian Social Research Institute, an NGO that has been working closely with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon for more than 20 years.

Called Series of Memories, the set of six books were launched at a ceremony at the National Library in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday.

Najla said when she started writing, she did so because she wanted Arab children to feel that their culture was something to be proud of and that it had a standing and place in the modern world.

“I knew there were some among them, especially those with access to good education, who felt alienated from their roots and were more inclined to take on a Western identity,” said Najla.

The mother of five, who came down to Kuala Lumpur for the launch, has an obvious passion for helping children to learn.

And there is plenty that Arab children can gain from their culture. Values like courage, chivalry and generosity are embedded in many of the stories and legends which are part of their heritage, said Najla.

In Series of Memories, Najla tackles the subject of the Palestinian cause and struggle, an issue close to the heart of many Arabs.

The books tell the stories of Palestinian children who live in conflict and have to struggle through difficult situations yet remain motivated by their dreams and longing for their homeland.

The characters and incidents in the stories have been inspired by real events which refugee children have experienced and incidents which have made the news and drawn international attention.


++ The Saga of Erik the Viking : Terry Jones ++

I've been working on my other site , misshappycatdesign, so tired.
But today I'm going to write about this book, The Saga of Erik the Viking.
I got this book from my sister as a gift for getting straight A's that semester lol.
That was about 15 years ago [ now I feel old , lol ].

The Saga of Erik the Viking was written by a Welsh writer, Terry Jones, in 1983.
The book won the Children's Book award in 1984.
The book is about the adventures of the Viking Warrior and his crew on the way to find the land 'where the sun goes at night'. They have met many creatures like dragon, the old man of the sea and dogfighters. The crew has been through a lot of dreadful situations on their journey and have learned and seen a lot of new and amazing things together which the stories have been told from generation to generation after their return home.

To be honest, I didn't like this book much when I first got it. I thought it was too manly man story lol. I was so into and was used to those fairy tales I found this book sooo boring.
But it turned out differently when I grew up and read it again, this time I thought it was great!

The chapters I liked most in this book are,

How Erik and Thangbrand were tested, was a good story and it tells you how to be a leader.
Sometimes a good leader is not a leader who has the best weapons in hand or is the strongest of all but it's in his brains to use the weapons and the power in hands wisely and also it's how he's trusted and respected by his followers.

The Talking Valley, when Erik and his men found the talking valley. They are all amazed by this wonderful gift they have while they are there. They love listening to the trees, the rivers and the creatures talking to each other. Finally, they are caught up in this enchanted place they forget their real goal. It's good to have dreams but to get stuck in your sweet dreams and forget what you are doing and your real goal is nothing but a tragedy. Oh~ well,I've been there before lol.

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